Top 3 things that make you a better and safer BMW driver

For the discerning BMW driver, driving is one of life’s great pleasures – but it doesn’t have to be unsafe for it to be fun. Sometimes it helps to get a quick reminder of some of the more obvious things that keep us safe on the road.


1. With the raw power of BMW at your disposal, it can be tempting to put your foot to the floor to see how fast you can go. However, according to recent data analysis, driving as much as 10mph faster through the centre of town will only get you to your destination 2-3 minutes faster than if you were following the legal speed limit. Even though the time you saved was minimal, the potential damage you could cause is increased by a massive 50 per cent. Take your time on the road and enjoy it, if you needed to get where you were going earlier than you arrived, then you should have set off earlier.

2. Looking after your BMW will not only extend its life, but it will make sure it stays road safe and economically healthy. Every car is individual, so you should spend time getting to know its quirks and eccentricities. If your breaks feel softer than usual, or there is a slight change in vibration when you are applying pressure to the break pedal, it’s a sign that something is wrong – taking the car to an approved mechanic will help you to identify the issue. Regularly checking tyre pressures will avoid poor road performance, which could cost you a lot of petrol money, and blow outs, which could cost you your life.

3. Even if you’re the safest of drivers, there’s still a high risk that you could get in to an accident whenever you venture out of the safety of your driveway. Although it’s a bit of a cliché to say it, no matter how safe you are, it’s the other people on the road that you have to look out for. A tried and tested method is to always assume that everybody else on the road has no idea what they’re doing behind the wheel – it helps you stay cautious of other people’s actions, and helps you get ready for their weird and wonderful manoeuvres such as sudden stops, incorrect signalling, tailgating and undertaking.