The Smiling BMW M3 Is Pure Awesomeness


We’re browsing the internet every day to bring you the latest news and the best looking cars out there and yet, sometimes, we stumble upon some really breathtaking machines, the kind that really brings a tear of joy to our eye.
This time, it’s a smiling BMW M3 that is pure awesomeness. From the first moment we saw it, we knew that the internet must find out about it in every possible way. Therefore a post on our blog was more than necessary.

The people behind this project are the guys from iND Distribution. They set it up and we must say they have to be most proud of what they accomplished. As a popular Meme would say: the amount of added parts on this car is too damn high! However, we’ll tell you all about it in the following lines.

On the outside (as this is the first thing that catches your eye) you’ll notice a Vorsteiner GTS5 front bumper with Melbourne Red CRT accents and a Vorsteiner Type II rear diffuser, both of them perfectly matching (as if they were made by the same vendor…). Ind chipped in with custom built rocker panels and the rear bumper while Gintani brought along carbon fiber side skirts and rear bumper canards.

The headlights are a thing of beauty and the smiling nickname was thought of almost entirely because of them. They were made by OSS and have a custom design featuring BMW’s M stripes. The trunk spoiler was also custom painted as well as the mirror base. The M5 mirror scheme was hand painted with pin stripes as well as the door handles and side markers.

Inside, this drop top has even more to offer. There’s a custom alpine white floor mat piping with fox red stitching going all around while the passenger’s door pull is upholstered with tri-stitching. The headrest has the same stitching and the same color scheme repeats itself all around the cabin, on the rear seats, the center arm partition and so on.

With all these parts installed, the car instantly transformed into a showstopper. However, the owner wanted a bit more bite with that bark and got himself some nice engine upgrades as well. A Dinan intake kit was installed with a BPM tune and an Akrapovic slip-on exhaust with carbon fiber exhaust tips. The valve covers were powder coated and the ignition coil overs were painted gloss black.

The suspension was changed with KW’s height adjustable springs, Ground Control camber plates were also introduced into the mix. New wheels were by now a necessity and, since Vorsteiner already provided so many parts, they went with their VS-110 design in satin charcoal. Those things are hiding some Brembo GT 380mm drilled rotors that have massive stopping power.

That’s about it. Now, it’s time to take a closer look at it. Enjoy!

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