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Quick and Easy Tips for Buying a Used BMW – Big Motoring World

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Welcome to the Big Motoring World guide for buying used BMWs. We list thousands of offers for used BMW cars in the UK, all in one convenient place. So, whether you are looking for a classic model or a modern Z Series BMW, this guide will help you buy the BMW that you always wanted for a great price.


Each of the deals at any of our dealerships—Big Motoring World Canterburycentre, Big Motoring World Snodlandcentre, or Big Motoring World Prestige—features the full vehicle specifications and links to reviews from both owners and experts. We also list some pre-registered and nearly new cars so that you can make a comparison.

Below are tips that will help you acquire the BMW that you have always longed for.

  • Choose a dealership authorized by BMW. This is especially true if you are buying a certified pre-owned BMW. With an authorized independent dealer, you have the option of going for a manufacturer-certified BMW or a dealer-certified BMW.


  • Make sure you conduct your own research on the BMWs you are considering to buy before going to the dealer. Check out and compare the deals offered by various reputable BMW dealers. Also, compare the deals offered for various models within the range of your preferred specifications.


  • Value the car yourself. When you know how much the BMW is worth, you are better able to compare prices offered by different dealers. Note that while some dealers may give you little discount, they may offer a good part exchange. Others may do the reverse, so be keen on the comparison points, says the Big Motoring World team.


  • Be mindful of the “balance to change”, that is the amount of money you give the dealer in addition to your vehicle.


  • Select a dealer that has a good customer satisfaction rating. As is the case with other reputable independent BMW dealerships, Big Motoring World asks customers to score its services after they have bought a car. Read the customer reports. Dealerships with a good score are likely to provide good service on an ongoing basis.


  • Test-drive the BMW. Be sure to test drive the model you are interested in. This means driving the BMW with the exact engine and specifications you are looking for. In the absence of one, try the closest equivalent. Ask for an extended test-drive. Most UK dealers are happy to offer a longer test drive. Some even offer a 24-hour or longer unaccompanied test-drive.


  • Haggle. Be firm when negotiating and be prepared to walk away if you are unable to get what you want. A good strategy is telling the dealer that you will buy the vehicle today if you get the deal you want, and be true to your word.


  • Finally, if you like the salesperson of dealership, listen to your gut and buy the BMW from the dealership rather than one that is €100 cheaper. Sometimes the best price is not necessarily the best deal.