i3 “Electronaut Edition” planned by BMW

The BMW i3 has had rave reviews compared with many other electric vehicles on the road today, after its global launch this summer in London. Now BMW have revealed that they are working on launching a special “Electronaut Edition” of the i3: a limited edition available only to the ActiveE Electronauts.

The ActiveE Electronauts are a group of people that have been working with BMW to trial their electric vehicles. Drivers who take part in the programme enjoy a two year lease with maintenance completely free, but must complete online surveys and have the car analysed and serviced every so often to enjoy the perks.

To thank ActiveE drivers for their participation, BMW are creating a limited edition i3 model available to them and them only. According to BMW’s Jacob Harb, the limited edition model will not just be a standard i3 with a special badge, but will include special equipment that is not available on the standard model.


Reports of the conversations with the Electronauts suggest that BMW are keen to get their input when it comes to the spec of the new vehicle, with Harb throwing out the idea of making the Electronaut Edition i3 available in a colour scheme that is not available to members of the public, thereby giving more of a feel of exclusivity. The initial colour combination suggested, however, was white with i Blue accents – which will be available in Europe after launch, but not in the US… so not completely exclusive.

ActiveE drivers have suggested a number of other options to BMW as to how they could make the limited edition appeal more, such as discounts and free maintenance, along with numbered badges which would give each individual vehicle their own identity. It’s still an idea that’s very much in the pipeline, with lots of decisions for BMW to make before it goes ahead.