BMW Saloons

The multi-award winning BMW 3 series is quite simply one of the best compact executives ever manufactured and an iconic car that sits in a class of its own. There are many features that give it the edge over its competitors, but what truly sets it apart from the opposition is the driving experience. The car comes in a range of powerful four and six cylinder engines with the turbo petrol version boasting an impressive 0-60 acceleration in 5.5 seconds and a top speed of 155mph.

The low ride height and advanced road technology offer a superior grip that makes this car a sheer treat behind the wheel. The interior is clean and functional with an excellent driving position giving easy access to a superb range of adjustable features. There is ample headroom and a decent boot with extendable load-bay from the fold down rear seats.

The next most successful car from this acclaimed German manufacturer is the BMW 5 series saloon. First produced in 1972 the vehicle is currently in its sixth generation and the car continues to shine as one of the best in its class. The interior is spacious and the boot has plenty of room for golf clubs, luggage and more. Depending upon the year and model there is a long list of additional features available including cruise control and a windscreen heads-up display that projects vital information into the driver’s line of sight.