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BMW Purportedly Set on Mexico Plant, Plans to Be Confirmed Thursday




Talks about a new plant in the Americas for BMW have been going around for quite a while. The German manufacturer, on a number of occasions, said that such a move would bring big benefits on all fronts but up until now, the location was kept secret.

Not any more. According to new info coming in from a government official, quoted by Automotive News. The Mexican official said that BMW will come out and confirm the information on Thursday, July 3. Asked to confirm the rumors, a BMW spokesman said ‘a decision will be made public’.

Corroborated with the fact that BMW said it will make an announcement in Mexico the day after tomorrow, it all starts to make sense now.

Going into deeper details, the Mexican official claims that the investment will add up to at least €1 billion ($1.36 million). As for the exact location, two candidates are battling it out right now, Hidalgo in the Northern part of the country or San Luis Potosi in central Mexico.

Last week, we were reporting that BMW’s CEO, Norbert Reithofer, said an announcement will be made before the summer break. If the confirmation comes in July, it will fit within the schedule, just as stated before.

Various suppliers also claimed that BMW contacted them to set up a production timetable for Mexico. According to them, the production at the new plant should start in late 2017, with the production reaching a capacity of 200,000 units in 2020.

This would be the second big investment for Mexico announced this year, after Daimler AG and Renault-Nissan Alliance said they would invest €1 billion into the North American country as well, to build small cars, to meet the strong demand in the US.

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