BMW Convertibles

The BMW 3 series convertible comes in a wide range of engine options all of which offer superior levels of pace and performance. The car is available in manual or automatic transmission and the diesel variants combine high standards of performance with excellent fuel economy.

Although a little firmer than the ride and handling experience of the BMW 3 series saloon, this car out-performs all of the other drop-tops in this class by some considerable distance. What is most impressive about the vehicle is that when the roof is up it has the same quiet weatherproof interior as the saloon version.

The more imposing BMW 6 series convertible also looks great when the roof is up and other than the substantial rear pillars there is little to distinguish it from the coupe. The cabin bears all the hallmarks of a pedigree vehicle with a high quality finish in every aspect. Depending on the model these cars can come equipped with a vast array of additional features including a superb dash display and multimedia screen.