Big Motoring World – Pointers for Maintaining Your BMW Maintenance

Big Motoring World

BMWs rarely find their way to the junkyard because there are so many BMW enthusiasts that buy old models and restore them. Other BMW owners simply hold on to them and maintain them. The reason for this, according to Big Motoring World specialists, is that older BMWs hold their prices very well and sometimes rise whereas other car models make a trip to the wrecking yard.

The fact is that BMW dealers and repair shops sell BMWs at rather high prices. So your first course of action should be finding independent BMW dealerships such as Big Motoring World Canterbury, Big Motoring World Snodland and Big Motoring World Prestige. These are reputable dealerships and they will help you with maintenance tasks that are well beyond your tools and capabilities.

Secondly, join reputable BMW clubs in the UK. It doesn’t cost that much and the monthly glossy magazine has an abundance of great articles, many of which are about restoring and maintaining older BMW models.

Every single question you ask of Big Motoring World specialists will be answered, whether in person or on the website. They are dedicated professionals who reply with understanding, knowledge and with clear enthusiasm. You can tap into the pool of knowledge from the team of experts in all the dealerships.

Occasionally, the Big Motoring World team consults with BMW in Munich. The various sections on the dealership’s site are the information resource for maintaining a BMW model of practically any era. Some of the advice you can get from the team include:

- Replacing a 1989 325i’s muffler

- Whether fuel with ethanol additive would be taken by a 2000 323i

- Replacing the clutch on a 1999 325i,

- How to remove jitter on the speedometer of a 1981 320i,

- What steps to take when the brake light warning remains lit on a 2000 328i, among numerous others.

Modern BMWs

These are a different bowl of soup. The greater part of the engine is inaccessible and they are highly computerized. You cannot even test the oil level yourself. Therefore, any maintenance prowess that may have fit models up to 2000 may not be relevant at this point.

Your best bet is to have a dedicated BMW mechanic help you. Alternatively, you can go to a BMW dealer. Any problem that your BMW encounters is diagnosed and recorded on the vehicle’s computer system.


There is, however, another way of dealing with problems regarding maintenance of your BMW. It involves leasing your car. In such a case, if the vehicle has any mechanical issues, all will be taken care of without charge. This is part of the lease for 100,000 miles or the terms on your lease agreement.

As a rule, you should give preference to reputable independent BMW service centers when it comes to maintaining your BMW. These centers employ BMW-certified specialist to take care of your prized BMW with the expertise and attention it needs. The specialists’ experience with a diverse set of BMW owners means that no problem you have with your BMW will be foreign to them.