Big Motoring World Canterbury – Buying a Used or New BMW

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Are you thinking about buying a used or new BMW? Here are points that you should consider. While it may not be an exhaustive list, it contains some of the most pertinent things you should consider.

A majority of newer BMW models require premium fuel and synthetic oils. Be sure that you give your car all it requires. Moreover, contrary to popular myth, cost of labour and parts is not more than the competition. Nonetheless, BMWs are not comparable to their economy Japanese counterparts and they require more maintenance.

Purchase a Bentley repair for your BMW. While you may not repair the car yourself, it’s always a good idea to be an informed customer. For instance, if the “Check Engine” light illuminates, Big Motoring world Canterbury will plug in your car and give you the BMW’s trouble code for free, which you can cross-reference with the manual to determine what’s wrong.

Most enthusiasts consider the sport package on most BMWs necessary. It typically includes better handling, bolstered seats, along with larger wheels and tires. If you reside in an area that snows, you want to purchase a second set of wheels that can handle that weather.

Check for any rear “sub frame” damage. Damaged sub-frame mounting points on the BMW’s body make the car unsafe to drive. While this may be a very uncommon failure, it is also known to be one of the most costly to repair—requiring both body shop work and mechanical disassembly to repair.

To ensure that you do not buy a BMW with sub-frame related damage, have it checked out at Big Motoring World Canterbury. If you are able to gain access to the car’s underside, visually inspect the sub-frame-to-body mounting points for torn sheet metal or any other damage. Exercise extreme caution when lifting cars. Don’t try it without using jack-stands along with a floor jack. Make sure you use a lift with functioning safety locks.

The front control arm bushings: These are engineered to isolate the vibrations resulting from the road surface and from the chassis. They provide a more comfortable, quieter ride. A model such as the BMW E46 3-Series have two front control arm bushings mounting both right and left control arms of the BMW’s body. Deterioration of the rubber bushing affects the braking and steering dynamics, as well as the vehicle handling and wheel alignment.

Depending on your style of driving, the front control arm bushings typically last about 70,000 to 120,000 miles before they require replacement.

Inspect the bushings for cracks and tears by driving the car in a controlled environment at 5-10mph and sharply applying the brakes. Any skipping or “shuddering” on the front wheels as you brake indicates heavily worn control arm bushings.

If you don’t feel particularly comfortable inspecting a used BMW yourself or if all this sounds too technical for you, your best bet is seeking advice from a well-known BMW specialist such as Big Motoring World Canterbury.

It is imperative that you do this before you make your final buying decision as the trained eye of mechanics will most assuredly be better than yours.