Big Motoring World – Why Buy A 3-Series BMW?

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The 3-series BMWs available at Big Motoring World are cars that exude gravitas! What makes the BMW 3 design a work of genius is that its manufacturer always gets the basics right, and then customizes them in every imaginable way, engineering model after model with a little added touch of brilliance.

This is the inspiring formula that every automobile company tries to mimic – with only few even getting close to BMW’s success.

The next time you visit Big Motoring World Canterbury, take a look at the 3-series BMW, the manufacturer’s bread-and-butter model. These variants are all inspired by the same “basic” architecture: M3, ActiveHybrid 3, 335 Gran Turismo, 335, 328d, 328 Gran Turismo, 328, 320. Throw in options for wagon, sedan, coupe (4-series), rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive Indeed, BMW offers every imaginable take on the 3-series.

There’s money in that, too. BMW enthusiasts over at Big Motoring World might advise anyone shopping for a used 3-series to buy the least costly one and enjoy it for a decade. That is the 320 rear-drive sedan going for about €26,800.

This is a long way from the €48,000 price tag on the 335i Gran Turismo hatchback. While they may have a €22,400 difference, the cars have similar architecture. That means they have identical key engineering work. Also, if you drive the back-to-back, you will find them incredibly similar. Not identical, but the cornering, the steering, the braking – all the dynamic responses are quite similar.

Furthermore, one 3-series at Big Motoring World Prestige looks like the next. For instance, the 335 hatch, from the back door center to the twin-kidney grille on the front, has an uncanny resemblance to the 320 sedan. The Bavarians admit that the ingenious use of lines, surfaces and proportions ensures that the 3-series Gran Turismo is immediately recognizable as a 3-series BMW.

Nonetheless, there are some differences. If you are doing 200 km/h on the autobahn, you will get some down force on the Gran Turismo’s rear wheels; and the “active” rear spoiler that goes up and down does look cool. The Gran Turismo 3 available at Big Motoring World is also 20 centimeters longer and a bit larger than the new 3 Series Touring station wagon.

The Gran T available at Big Motoring World has about 5% more cargo space – split by a two-piece parcel shelf – and thanks to the rear hatch, it’s easier to access. The rear hatch also protects your head from snow and rain. The Bavarians wisely incorporates a 40:20:40 split/folding rear seat with adjustable rear backrests.

In terms of power, the Gran T is a considerable leap ahead of the bare bones 3-series. Spotting a 300-horsepower turbocharged straight six-cylinder, its engine experience is smooth and pleasing. It never lacks power and arrives effortlessly.

Big Motoring World Snodland specialists will not shy away from flaunting the overall design of the Gran T: the “double swage line” of the vehicle’s flanks, the “couple-like” profile, the L-shaped rear lights, the “air breathers” typically of the front wheels… It’s a handsome design with articulate proportions. It makes for an awesome hatchback.