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Alpina D3 Bi-Turbo claims the title of world’s fastest diesel production car

With a top speed of 173mph, BMW’s Alpina D3 Bi-Turbo is the world’s fastest diesel production car and it is now available to buy. The saloon model has a price tag of £46,950 and you can get hold of the touring model for just a little more at £49,950. The secret formula to the Alpina D3 world-record beating speed success was two years in the making. It was developed and worked on by over 50 of the company’s engineers and just about everything from the engine, to the body structure and the aerodynamics, were upgraded from the BMW 330d model on which the D3 was based.
Alpina D3 Bi-Turbo

The response time of the engine was increased through the replacement of the single turbo with two smaller turbochargers. Alpina added their own ECU to the engine and made quite a few changes to the gearbox, to help it manage the engine’s torque. They worked with ZF on this project and as a result the Alpina gearbox is quite different to the BMW unit. Given that the D3 received the wheels and tyres that Alpina fit as standard, the DSC system and adaptive suspension had to be recalibrated accordingly.

Alpina are proud of their feat in producing such a fast diesel car. Obviously a lot of time, money and expertise has been invested in the project. Their logo is sprinkled liberally throughout the interior; on the floor mats, door sills and seat backs. The D3 also features their trademark 19 inch alloys with multi spokes, covering the brakes.

As a fast, practical diesel with a low C02 output, Alpina is keen to promote the D3 as a company car. They advise that a tax payer would pay half the tax for a D3 that he or she would pay for a comparable vehicle with a petrol engine. The tax quote given for a 40% tax payer with a D3 company car was £344.66 per month. So there, you go! If you’re after a luxury, practical diesel, the D3 is green, it’s fast and it’ll save you money.